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[TUTORIAL] Extremely important! Please Help Purge Websites of Vilifying Content Artificially Promoted into Appearing Within the Top of EXO-relates Search Results

Unknown perpetrators are engaging in an active smear campaign against EXO and the SME on various Chinese websites. They are promoting offensive content to the top of EXO-related searches, and spreading various fabrications and sensationalised content designed to vilify those who have simply opted to do their job. They have put in months of work, and fought through injuries and pain, only to be faced with an organised campaign to discredit them and hinder their promotions. As their fans, it’s our duty to try to protect them. Please contribute a little of your time towards that end.

Please do remember to act in a dignified and upright way, that will clearly show who stood within the realms of moral, once the dust settles. Do not be provoked by the obvious attempts to create conflict within our fandom, which is another part of their strategy, nor direct insults towards the one who is missing from the list below, and is curiously spared from these malicious attacks. Anything at all which makes tempers flare, causes anger or discord can be seen as likely a component of this malicious campaign.

After clicking on the links below, you will be taken to the search page of various Chinese sites and search engines, with an already input search term. You simply need to click on the search button to the right, and then open any of the search results that appear after the page loads. You must click on something after searching, or your effort will be null and void. Repeat the process as many times as you can, with as many of the links below as possible, and please show your support for all members.

Search Links


[1] EXO一位】
[2] exo showtime】
[3] EXO金唱片】
[4] EXO火热的瞬间】
[5] EXO Overdose】
[6] 金EXO 签售会】
[7] EXO Growl】


[1] 金钟仁 跳舞】
[2] 金钟仁 暖男】
[3] 金钟仁 公益】
[4] 金钟仁 舞蹈】
[5] 金钟仁 努力】
[6] 金钟仁 一万小时】
[7] 金钟仁 正能量】
[8] 金钟仁 芭蕾】
[9] 金钟仁 炸鸡】


[1] 单名搜索】
[2] 都暻秀电影】
[3] 都暻秀心形嘴】
[4] 都暻秀跳舞进步】
[5] 都暻秀说中文】
[6] 都暻秀尊重前辈】
[7] 演员】
[8] 饭拍】
[9] 电视剧】


[1] 打歌】
[2] 美颜】
[3] 笑眼】
[4] 公益】
[5] 唱歌】
[6] 美手】
[7] 舞台剧】
[8] 边伯贤MC】
[9] mc】
[10] 主唱】
[11] 语录】
[12] 美手】
[13] 无所畏惧】
[14] 比格】
[15] 音乐剧】
[16] 爱情光】


[1] 朴灿烈】
[2] 金朴灿烈】
[3] 朴灿烈】
[4] 金朴灿烈吧CHANBAR】
[5] 图片】
[6] rap】
[7] MV男主角】
[8] 弹吉他】
[9] 金丛林法则】


[1] 吴世勋】
[2] 吴世勋公益】
[3] 吴世勋舞蹈】
[4] 吴世勋暖男】
[5] 吴世勋ins】
[6] 吴世勋暖男】
[7] 吴世勋成人礼】
[8] 吴世勋正能量】
[9] 吴世勋公益】
[10] 吴世勋舞蹈】


[1] 金俊勉MC】

[2] 队长】
[3] 配音】
[4] 电视剧】
[5] DR.SUHO】
[6] 0522生日快乐】


[1] 鹿晗公益】
[2] 鹿晗cut】
[3] 足球】
[4] 鹿晗剧情版】
[5] 电影】
[6] 鹿晗机场保护粉丝】
[7] 鹿晗歌舞全能】


[1] 张艺兴】
[2] 舞蹈】
[3] 张艺兴cut】
[4] 图片】
[5] 正能量】
[6] 钢琴】
[7] 吉他】
[8] 生日留言】
[9] 微博】
[10] 原创】
[11] 公益】
[12] 凤凰舞】
[13] 因为你】
[14] 机场】


[1] 打歌】
[2] 主唱】
[3] 猫咪嘴】
[4] 睫毛】
[5] 金钟大单名】
[6] CHEN】
[7] 0921生日】
[8] 呼吸】


[1] XIUMIN只是你不在】
[2] 秀珉MV】
[3] 金珉硕 生日公益】
[4] 金珉硕 大哥】
[5] 金珉硕 童颜】
[6] XIUMIN成熟美】
[7] XIUMIN摩卡面包】
[8] XIUMIN减肥】
[9] XIUMIN足球】
[10] XIUMIN樱花男】


[1] 黄子韬 篮球】
[2] 黄子韬 暖男】
[3] _】
[4] 黄子韬 rap】
[5] 黄子韬 武术】
[6] 黄子韬 正能量】
[7] 黄子韬孝顺】
[8] 黄子韬男神】
[9] 黄子韬全能】


Trend #EXO相爱吧我们在一起# and #we are one# on Weibo.

We are One, and will remain so long after they tire of this

Credit: Jianghuaexo. You may spread this information in any way you desire, and that includes reposting, but the impact may be greater if you also reblog

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